The Blackbourn Solutions Story

  • 2019


    Based in the U.S.A., for over 50 years Blackbourn Solutions has been a leader and full service provider of custom parts, products and packaging solutions. Blackbourn is still owned and operated by a 3rd generation family. Our 250,000 Sq. Ft. facility is located in MN and allows us the capacity for large contract and custom projects.  
    Blackbourn's 50-year commitment & progress toward protecting the environment and its employees is greater than ever. Through our recycling & scrap reduction programs, sustainable material sourcing, supplier adherence initiatives & employee wellness programs we are responsible stewards of the environment and the responsible business partner right for your business. Our in-house tool and die shop coupled with a full in-house engineering staff provides experience, expertise and speed for turning your ideas to a complete product ready for retail. Our mission is to leverage our research, development, prototyping and manufacturing capabilities to create innovative solutions to solve your problems. At Blackbourn Solutions, we make it our business to serve your needs and Deliver Results.

  • 2000


    In the 2000s, technology continued to develop and change rapidly. Blackbourn responded to the changing needs of the consumers. Blackbourn met the demands of this market, while developing new products to meet the packaging needs beyond the media market. Clamshells, blister cards and custom thermoforming were introduced to the product line. In addition, Blackbourn further expanded its other capabilities such as RF Heat Sealing, Injection Molding, Decoration, Robotic Automation, Custom Manufacturing and Contract Manufacturing.

  • 1990


    In the 1990s,the DVD, the next generation CD product became available to the masses.  Blackbourn responded and quickly became the leader in CD packaging. Blackbourn was acquired by a family company located in Minnesota. Under the new management, the company continued to dominate the packaging market.

  • 1980


    In the 1980s, Optical Discs (Compact Discs) were launched into the market which innovated media storage. With widespread consumer adoption of desk top computers, CD music player (home and portable) and new video game applications. CD popularity dominated over vinyl LPs, VHS tapes and audio magnetic tape mediums. Blackbourn met this new demand with the CD Tray Collection packaging. Blackbourn become known as the "Cadillac of Packaging".

  • 1970


    During the 1970s, movies were brought into the home with the development and availability of VCRs and VHS tapes.  Blackbourn became the #1 supplier of video cassette (VHS) packaging for all the Walt Disney movies. At relatively the same time, audio cassettes become popular and available to the masses. Blackbourn quickly became a leader in audio cassette packaging.