Thermoforming is a process of producing plastic parts from a flat sheet of plastic under heat and pressure, conforming to the contours of a mold. Blackbourn Solutions provides light gauge, shallow draw thermoforming. At Blackbourn Solutions, our in-house engineers can help in evaluating your needs to see if those needs fit as a custom thermoformed packaging application. From idea conception, design, consultation, engineering, prototyping, production and assembly, our experienced team can help you bring the project from idea to delivery.
Markets served are medical, pharmadeutical, healthcare, safety, electronic, retail, industrial, automotive, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, sporting, cosmetic, and more. Contact us for more information on how we could work with you on your next Thermoforming project.
Specifications and Equipment:PVC, HIPS/PS, PET/RPET/PETGFrom .010” to .060” material thicknessThermoforming Machines250,000 Sq. Ft. Facility

Thermoforming - Retail Freezer Display


Merchandising Trays

OBJECTIVE: A retail food product needed maximum product visibility for merchandising. Product was in two different sizes and would be merchandised on different shelf dimensions.
SOLUTION: Tray was designed to merchandise two different sized packages. The design allowed for the product to be organized and held upright to maximize visibility and shelf space. Light gauge, shallow draw thermoforming design also included die-cut perforations so it could be changed to fit different shelf dimensions. In addition, an embossed logo was included in the thermoformed front facings so that additional product labeling was unnecessary which saved on labor and label cost. In addition to improved merchandising visibility, the design was engineered to allowed for more product to be displayed which would help ensure that sales were not missed.
PROCESSES: Engineering Design, Tool & Die, Prototype, Thermoforming, Carton and Ship.
SUBSTRATES: 35 mil thickness clear PVC specially formulated for the freezer case